Now gluten-free!

About Lemon Harangue Pie

I wanted a blog that didn't really have a reason for existing other than for writer and reader to just have fun. But "fun" is such a broad term. One person's idea of a good time might be jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane, while another finds it just as exciting plopping down on the couch and watching the Food Network. That's why I decided it would be more fun for me to mix things up a bit.

Here you will find an eclectic mix of strange, interesting, serious, and otherwise off-beat items from across the World Wide Web. You will also be treated to my usual cynical rants - harangues, if you will - in what I like to think of as an attempt to get those neurons firing.

Sound like fun? We'll see. Look at it like road construction here in Minnesota: a never-ending work in progress.

I hope you drop by occasionally for a slice of Lemon Harangue Pie. The first one's on me.


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