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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Introducing LHP Site-Seeing Tours

"Site-Seeing" is a new feature here at LHP aimed at highlighting some of the fun, bizarre, informative, useful, quirky, and just downright cool sites on the Internet.

Wacky Uses
Did you know that Alka-Seltzer could be used to polish jewelry, clean toilets, or even unclog drains? Have you ever used Miracle Whip as a hair conditioner? Do you shave with peanut butter? Learn hundreds of more uses for these and other common household items.

Duck Travels
Pictures of a glob-trotting rubber ducky. What else can I say?

If I dig a very deep hole, where will I end up?
Hint: It ain't China.

This site opens with a "do not try this at home" disclaimer -- which, of course, makes you want to run right home and try everything you see here. I mean, who hasn't wanted to microwave things like crayons, Gummy Worms, soap, a Nerf football, and a string of Christmas lights?
Bring out the abstract artist in you.

Crazy Thoughts
Here is a vast collection of life's unanswered questions:
    "If nobody buys a ticket to a movie do they still show it?"
    "If you have a cold Hot Pocket, is it just a pocket?"
    "Why do they call someone 'late' if they died early?"
    "Could you be a closet claustrophobic?"
    "Why is it called a 'building' when it is already built?"
    "Why does every Abraham Lincoln impersonator sound the same, even though there are no known audio recordings of the man?"
You know, the kinds of things philosophers have pondered since the dawn of time.

Rhett & Link
This musical comedy duo has been collaborating in one way or another since elementary school. The result? Stuff like this:

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