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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gundy's Undies in a Twist

Oklahoma State University football coach, Mike Gundy, took sports journalist Jenni Carlson to task this past weekend when someone showed him an article she had written that was rather critical of OSU quarterback, Bobby Reid. It's probably best to see his reaction first:
Scary, huh?

Now let's take a look at what got him so hot and bothered. Read Carlson's column here. Her summation: "Reid is the most talented quarterback in Payne County, but he hasn't proven that he's the toughest."

Sorry to disappoint football fans who think Gundy is a noble coach standing up for his boys, but his little tantrum validated everything Carlson said. Gundy essentially compared Bobby Reid to a little kid who came running home, crying to Mommy, because he had his feelings hurt. And then, to add insult to injury, he says, "Come after me! I'm a man! ... I'm not a kid. Write something about me." That was an insult to every player on the team.

Come on, Coach. I thought football was supposed to build character. It's one thing to defend your players; it's another thing to mother them like they're fragile 9-year-old girls. If they can take a pummeling on the field, I think they can handle a little criticism.

By the way, did anyone notice that Gundy was upset over the fact that 3/4 of the article was inaccurate? Which parts were those? Does that mean 25% of what Carlson said was accurate? Something tells me this coach has his work cut out for him.

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Anonymous said...

"I'm Gundy, dammit!" Cripes, talk about over(re)acting.

If Forrest Gundy wants to whine about hearts being broken, he should take a look at this guy, Sebastien Chabal, whom they call "L'homme des Cavernes" ("The Caveman"). He cried when the French national anthem was played _before_ France's last game of the Rugby World Cup, and then cried again after France lost to Argentina, finishing fourth in the tournament. Sebastien Chabal is more of a man than Gundy will ever be.

I would have included more links to videos, but my connection is slow.

The final between England and South Africa is on Sunday (October 21), if you see this in time and can get it on satellite.

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