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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Squirrel Roundup (December 6, 2007)

  • Panhandling squirrel harasses office worker
    Martha Reed thought it would be cute to feed that squirrel nuts when it would scratch on the glass door. Now she wonders, "I'm afraid I might have done the wrong thing." (More...)

  • Furry-tailed invader terrorizes homeowner
    Laura Capitano is worried that her new housemate could one day find "his way into the duct work and burst through the vent above me, leaping forth to pierce my trachea with its fearsome claws and pointed teeth." (More...)

  • Squirrels wage biological warfare against other squirrels
    In Britain, it's Greys vs. Reds -- and the Greys appear to be winning. (More...)

  • Squirrel population boom in the U.K.
    In the past two years, Britain's squirrel population has soared above 3 million. Residents are now being encouraged to "view them with caution." (More...)

  • Some people just don't get it
    Professors and students at Boise State University (i.e., people who are old enough to know better) think they can feed the squirrels on their campus and continue to live with them in relative peace and harmony. Ignorant fools! (More...)

  • Hawk keeps campus squirrel population in check
    Perhaps the Boise State Broncos should think about adopting a new mascot. (More...)

  • Squirrel psychology
    As if feeding them wasn't enough, some people are trying to give these tree rats personality tests. (More...)

  • Florida mystery animal might be a squirrel
    According to the AP, "An animal sneaking around Baker County is not an orangutan as originally thought but likely a fox squirrel." Wait... A squirrel big enough to be confused with an orangutan?! That's it. I'm never moving to Florida. (More...)

  • 1 comment:

    Dawn Shelton said...

    Well, at least we have a chimney cap now, so hopefully our John Doe Squirrel will no longer harass us!!

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