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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Chris Sings the National Anthem

Our friend and fellow Haranguer, Chris Wilde, had the privilege of singing the National Anthem before the Twins-Tigers game on Friday, Sept. 5. Here's video of his performance:
Congrats, Chris! Well done! (And shame on that unpatriotic jerk who tried punching you at the end.)


mshel333 said...

Chris, it was great to hear you sing! I mentioned to Lee (III) that I wish we could have heard you.....and lo and behold, we just found it posted here. Very good job!

Chris Wilde said...

Aw, thanks! I had fun. The giant fist is their way of getting you off the field as fast as possible after the anthem is over, so that the broadcasts can come back from commercial break. If you dodge it, they chase you off the field with that t-shirt bazooka.

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