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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Report of wife biting off husband's tongue leaves this reader speechless

This is, undoubtedly, the most bizarre story I've seen in a long time. It's the perfect example of a story that probably shouldn't be reported until further details are known because it does nothing to inform the reader, and actually raises more questions than it answers.

Here's the entire AP report so you can see what I mean:
A Wisconsin woman is accused of biting off her husband's tongue as he was giving her a good night kiss.

Sheboygan police say the man in his late 70s called authorities about 11 p.m. Monday, but was having trouble speaking. An ambulance was dispatched to the house.

Sgt. Terry Meyer says the husband and wife were singing Christmas carols when paramedics arrived. Meyer says the woman, in her late 50s, threw a coffee cup at them.

The man was taken to a Sheboygan hospital and then transferred to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital in the Milwaukee area where he was to have his tongue reattached.

Police say the man didn't want his wife arrested. But, she was taken into custody on possible charges of mayhem and domestic violence.
So...anyone else just a little confused?

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