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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Go green" with this indoor outhouse

What's better than having an outhouse outside? Having one inside, of course!

These self-contained, composting toilets bring a whole new meaning to the term "going green." Choose from models like the Excel...

Long considered the standard in composting toilet performance, the Excel is the preferred self-contained electric model for heavy or residential use.

The Excel is not only our best-selling unit, but also the first self-contained composting toilet to be certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) in 1989.

...the Compact...
The Compact is an elegant low profile unit with the looks to complement any bathroom.

Sun-Mar engineers designed this low profile toilet by developing and patenting a new variable diameter Bio-drum which is small at the front and large at the rear. To maintain the uninterrupted lines of the Compact, a patented Bio-drum handle recesses into the body of the unit to mix and aerate the compost.

...and the Space Saver...

With a width of only 19" and depth of 22", even a closet or small corner can be turned into a bathroom!

The Space Saver is a standard three chamber unit designed specifically for situations where space is extremely limited.

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