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Friday, June 10, 2011

New foods at the Minnesota State Fair

Sweet-corn ice cream, only at the MN State Fair.
It's known as the "Great Minnesota Get-Together," but really it's an excuse to forget that diet and indulge in all sorts of culinary curiosities -- many of them on a stick. Fair-goers this year will have the opportunity to sample no less than 14 new foods:
  • Chocolate covered jalapeƱo peppers
  • Mexican horchata (cold drink made of rice, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar)
  • Jamaican jerk fries
  • Crab fritters
  • Northwoods salad (a portable caprese salad)
  • Dirt dessert (Oreo cookies, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese and gummy worms)
  • Sweet-corn ice cream
  • Coushari rice with lentils
  • Grilled chicken pita
  • Deep-fried cookie dough
  • Terijaki chicken on-a-stick
  • Pretzel dog on-a-stick
  • Grilled Yankee apple pie and chocolate sandwich (brioche filled with apples and spices covered in chocolate, grilled and topped with powdered sugar)
  • Breakfast lollipop (sausage patty deep-fried on-a-stick with a side of maple syrup)
You can bet I'll be trying one or two of these this year.


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