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Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Barbie with the dragon tattoo

The new tattoo-splattered TokiDoki Barbie isn't the Barbie your grandmother played with when she was a little girl. Kristin Tillotson has the scoop:
At a little over 50 herself, Barbie's no tattoo neophyte. She's sported a little ink at least twice before -- in 1999 when one model had a butterfly on her stomach, and again in 2009, when Totally Stylin' Barbie came with temporary tat kits that kids could use to decorate her and themselves.

But this time, flowers completely cover her clavicle, a sinister-looking dragon curls across her back and a large geisha adorns her left shoulder. Her black shirt sports crossbones under a heart (love + death = confusing message), and the rest of her ensemble includes pink hair, hot-pink miniskirt, fanged mouth-shaped-belt buckle, leopard leggings, silver stiletto pumps and black toenail polish. This Barbie looks more like she's headed out to an underground club than a Dream House.
You've come a long way, baby...but that ain't necessarily a good thing.

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