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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Penguins on a plane

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
It's something you don't see too often flying at 30,000 feet.

Passengers on Delta Air Lines Flight 486 this week looked down and found a pair of penguins waddling down the aisle of their Atlanta-to-New York bound aircraft.

According to a Yahoo News blogger who was on the Wednesday night flight, the pilot provided a cryptic warning before Pete and Penny, both a foot and a half feet tall, began their waddle-about.

"Is anyone here allergic to penguins?" Sideshow blogger Dylan Stableford quoted the captain asking 300 puzzled passengers.

The penguins, who suddenly appeared from first class, were headed to the premier of the Discovery Channel's environmental documentary series "Frozen Planet", held at the Lincoln Center on Thursday.

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