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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Do Swedish men pee sitting down?

Image: Toronto Sun
Some do, apparently. And they would like to force other men to do the same.

The Left Party in Sörmland is proposing that men be made to take a seat when using the toilets at the county council's offices. Their reasoning, so they say, has to do with hygiene and health.

Now, I will concede that even the manliest of men don't like standing in puddles of urine when relieving themselves, and forcing men to sit might cut down on some of the excess spillage. But most grown men tend to get a little irked when they are told how they are to perform one of life's most natural functions.

The real reason for this policy, of course, is to fall in line with Sweden's move toward a gender-neutral utopia. What better place to start than in the bathroom?

(If cleanliness really was the issue, the Swedes could implement something similar to what was done in the Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam.)

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