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Saturday, November 04, 2006

What's in My Inbox

* Acknowledgement: An e-mail I received recently from fellow harangue-utan, Chris Wilde, inspired this post.

Spam. You know what I mean. Not the world-famous canned "meat" that's made right here in Minnesota; I'm talking about the stuff that clogs your e-mail inbox. It's annoying, and I never open them, but I have to admit that some of the subject lines are hilarious.

You have got to hand it to these spammers for their persistence. Rather than just using trickery (Please confirm your signup, RE: Your Online Order), or trying to sneak past spam filters with slightly altered words (C ! A L ! S, VlhAGRA), they are getting more creative.

Here's a sampling of some interesting subject lines that have appeared in my inbox recently:
  • specific theyre converted iPod
  • did you hear our boss got fired?
  • FWD: No work tomorrow; Office closed
  • Your future, ocean-severed
  • Your health, ox daisy
  • Rev up the fun at the Southern California Fair
  • compose GymnasticsMongolian wrestling Modern dance
  • Get Your Complimentary Chewing Gum Samples
  • citrus Inline speed skating Golfcross
  • Shinty Sports using bicycles or unicycles
  • Cycling Road hockey Discus
  • axial Aggressive skating Elephant polo
  • crematory Thoroughbred racing
  • contravene Wheelchair rugby
And, of course, my all-time favorite:
  • (no subject)
So, what's in your inbox? Please share with the rest of us some of the interesting subject lines you've run across.


Chris Wilde said...

Here's some of my recent most inexplicable ones:

- Halves Navle Battle Wizard
- Burlington Claires
- faffs about crappy digital
- achieve greater our
- Theater amp Beyond
- Pol Pot sets answering
- MISSED Light Tooth
- Lovers Treasure Chest
- Oblivion
- clothing weak say.Obama Hes
- Glus Greg
- building worker stuck
- French version
- Blog invitation from Lee Shelton

Lee Shelton said...

I hope you reported that last one as spam. It's amazing the kind of garbage we have floating around in cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

1. Earn accredited degrees on the internet
2. pacman/galaga at no cost
3. New car on your mind?
4. Become a better lover (this one technically came to Nathan's inbox)
5. Improve brain function
6. Bank Robbing 101
7. Looking to buy land in costa rica?
8. Shemales so cute you can take them to a party. (I thought this was a recipe for something similar to tamales. Imagine my surprise!)

And my personal favorite: Get the cleavage you deserve!


Lee Shelton said...

Just received this one: Cocaine wheelchair.

Lee Shelton said...


- arboretum Jack Frost nipping on your nose, annihilate

- squishy It doesn't show signs of Pauseping, bedfast

Lee Shelton said...

Now here's a real winner...

- heinz poems were given away in the first year of its publication! In 1949 the singer Gene Autry recorded a musical version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer composed by Johnny Marks slept

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