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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Temporary Relief of Gas Pain

If you're like me, you normally don't fill your tank up with premium gasoline because you know that it's a scam. But I might have made an exception last night.

Local news outlets have been buzzing this morning about a computer glitch at a Coon Rapids gas station that allowed customers to purchase premium gas at only $.27 per gallon. Yes, you read that correctly. Twenty-seven cents. That's about what you would have paid in the mid-1960s. And even then you wouldn't have had to pump it yourself.

Word spread quickly, and people drove from all over the Twin Cities to fill up. The petrol party ground to a halt, however, when the owner of the station was finally notified after police noticed a long line forming at the pumps.

It seems I'm just never in the right place at the right time.

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Chris Wilde said...

Come to Iowa! The premium gas is an ethanol blend, so corn belt states like IA and NE cut the gas taxes on it. So, mid-grade is cheaper than regular at our pumps! Not $.27 though! Maybe I'll have to move back to Anoka county someday.

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