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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Squirrel Terrorists Waging Biological Warfare

The evil squirrels have taken their war of terror to the next level:
Bubonic Plague Killing Squirrels In Denver

Denver, CO (AHN) - Residents of Denver, Colorado are being warned that a spate of squirrel deaths is being caused by "Black Death" the common name for Bubonic Plague, which killed millions of people in the 14th Century. So far, no humans have been infected. However, the plague is inside one of the city's most popular parks, the site of youth soccer games and a place people go to walk their dogs and picnic.

Plague bacteria are carried by fleas that get on squirrels, rodents, pets and people and spread the disease by biting. This bout has killed 13 squirrels found in or near City Park, and two squirrels and a rabbit found in Denver suburbs.
It seems these vermin are also recruiting other species.

In light of this, the Squirrel Threat Level has been raised to High.

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