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Sunday, May 04, 2008

So Construction Really CAN Move Fast!

Ever since last year's tragic collapse, I've been looking forward to the end of the detour we currently have to take when driving up I-35 from our digs in Des Moines to Lee and Dawn's house. I'm sure Twin Cities commuters (one of which I used to be) are looking forward to the new bridge that much more. So, it's nice to hear that a bridge can actually be constructed pretty quickly, when it becomes important enough. Here's an excerpt from the MN Public Radio website:

Minneapolis (AP) — Work on the new Interstate 35W bridge is progressing so well that construction managers said Saturday they expect to open it by mid-September instead of late December as originally scheduled.

Managers for Flatiron Constructors Corp. said during a weekly public tour of the construction site Saturday that the bridge is 65 percent complete, and they could begin hanging concrete segments over the Mississippi River as soon as May 14 or 15. That's three months earlier than originally scheduled.

That almost makes me worry that some news is going to break about how they ordered the whole bridge pre-fab from IKEA. If they did, I hope they're figuring out all that funny hardware! Nothing like getting thrown for a loop on those goofy hidden cam-screw things.

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Lee Shelton said...

It's amazing what they can get done when they really want to, especially with all the other road projects going on -- which, of course, won't be completed until long after the new bridge is open.

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