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Friday, June 20, 2008

We Need a Bearded President

Eureka! I get it now! This is what's gone wrong with the White House. Too many clean-shaven presidents! Think about it. There's been no presidential facial hair at all since Taft, and you have to go back to Benjamin Harrison to really find a proper beard! Imagine what a little beard growth could do to encourage some manliness, intelligence, and respectable gravitas in our executive branch.

The move is on. You can go here to let your voice be heard...we demand a bearded president:

Ah...can't you just picture it?

Oh, and for Lee's sake, here's a little compensation for that offending picture of Lincoln:


Lee Shelton said...

Facial hair. Now that's definitely a winning platform!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul looks like Col. Sanders on a diet.

Chris Wilde said...

Update: the latest word is that Hillary got her chin waxed at the salon, so now she's definitely out of the race.

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