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Monday, September 29, 2008


This just in from the hotbed of breaking news: Cedar Rapids, IA. As reported on

It wasn't just the caffeine that gave an Iowa woman an extra jolt after she had her morning coffee. It was also the bat she found in the filter.The Iowa Department of Public Health said the woman reported a bat in her house but wasn't too worried about it. She turned on her automatic coffee maker before bedtime and drank her coffee the next morning.She discovered the bat in the filter when she went to clean it that night. The woman has undergone treatment for possible rabies. Health officials said the bat was sent to a lab but that its brain was too cooked by the hot water to determine whether it had rabies.

This is why people who drink GOOD COFFEE change their filters and grounds before making it! Better yet, use a French press, which crushes the bat, allowing it to better infuse the brew.


Dawn S. said...

Don't you mean that is why GOOD PEOPLE throw away nasty ole' coffee filters with nasty ole' grounds. GROSS! SO GROSS!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this was the test market for a special Halloween blend (from your least favorite brand of coffee).

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