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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Burger King Stole My Idea!

I've always wanted to create a cologne that smells like barbecue. Well, the folks at Burger King have beaten me to it:
    American fast-food chain Burger King has come up with a novel Christmas gift idea for the meat-loving man who has everything: barbecue-scented cologne.

    Just in time for the festive season, the company has released its very own men's body spray, Flame.

    Not recommended for vegetarians, Flame is being promoted as "the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat".

    While the smell itself might not inspire confidence, the price will.

    Flame is on sale for the credit crunch-busting sum of just $3.99 (£2.65), suggesting the Burger King promotions department has realised their contribution to the fragrance market might work best as a novelty stocking-filler.

Guess I'll have to keep my day job.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You could always try to market a cologne that smells like the beach....

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