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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Meal toys banned in San Francisco

The latest nanny state nonsense comes from the West Coast:
San Francisco on Tuesday became the first major U.S. city to pass a law that cracks down on the popular practice of giving away free toys with unhealthy restaurant meals for children.

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors passed the law on a veto-proof 8-to-3 vote. It takes effect on December 1.

The law, like an ordinance passed earlier this year in nearby Santa Clara County, would require that restaurant kids' meals meet certain nutritional standards before they could be sold with toys.
Three quick points: 1) McDonald's employees have never, ever, dragged a kid in from off the street and force-fed him a Happy Meal. Not once. 2) No intelligent person believes this ban on toys will actually affect childhood obesity. 3) Allowing eight self-appointed saviors to make dietary decisions for every single child in an entire city is infinitely more detrimental to overall societal health than enticing kids to eat a hamburger and fries for lunch.


Dawn S. said...

Very good points. This is SO stupid. said...

Good day Lee,

I just wanted to comment on your blog post about the Happy Meal toy ban and say that you brought up three good points. I am actually very surprised by this announcement, but it will definitely be an issue that stays in the media for quite some time. That’s why I’d like to share this with you:

I’ve heard both sides of the story, meaning some people are upset about this ban while the other half is very pleased this passed to help control America’s child obesity. I find this ban very controversial (honestly, when isn’t a bad controversial?), but especially considering the current state of the government and how they’re pressuring McDonald’s to abide by this ban. I thought you may be able to use this video in your blog, since both show the sides of how this ban can possibly not affect America’s obesity rates.

Hope this helped, and have a great start to your weekend

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