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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Angry Birds as fashionable evening wear

Peter Vesterbacka, creator of Angry Birds, attended an event at the Finnish Presidential Palace recently. His wife, Teija, was dressed to kill in a red Angry Birds evening gown.
The image is from Iltalehti, a Finnish tabloid. Here is the accompanying caption, courtesy of Google Translate:
Angry Birds, the game has developed a Rovio leaders within Vesterbacka Teija-wife of a red tone dress was an exciting part of the breast Angry Bird cutting. The clothing has clearly separated the bird's yellow beak and head.

Apparently the suit, however, the bird will not try to throw the game in a spirit of anyone.
I think it actually makes more sense in Finnish.

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kids dresses said...

It's like whoa! I never thought that it can be a design for a formal wear. I love it! Great job on the dress!

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