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Monday, April 02, 2012

"Get out of a ticket free" card

There seems to be this notion among many law enforcement officers that they shouldn't be bothered with pesky things like speeding tickets, and many think that officers who would ticket another LEO aren't fit to wear a badge. As one former Chicago policeman puts it: "Any cop who writes fellow cops petty citations deserves to be a Pariah with nobody to back him or her up in an emergency."

Naturally, some people believe this kind of professional courtesy should be extended to family members of LEOs. That's where LEO ProCards come in:
LEO ProCards are plastic, credit-card sized "Professional Courtesy Cards" intended for the sole use of the officer's immediate family member or relative. The purpose of the Law Enforcement Professional Courtesy Card is to provide just that, "Professional Courtesy" during a Minor Traffic Infraction.

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