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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morale-boosting stadium seating idea

There comes a point for most of us sports fans when beating the after-game traffic jam is more important than seeing our team endure yet another loss. I was reminded of this at a recent Minnesota Timberwolves game. It was well into the fourth quarter and the Wolves were losing. Looking around the arena, I noticed a growing sea of blue from all the emptying seats. A few minutes before the final horn, the building looked as vacant as it did during pregame warm-ups.

Imagine how the players must have felt. Right when they needed their fans the most, they looked up and saw something like this:

Pregame warm-ups at the Target Center (via)

The problem: Most stadiums and arenas install seating that is dominated by a single color, so it's pretty obvious when those seats are empty. Team morale suffers. The solution: Install multicolored seats. The random arrangement of various colors would give the illusion of a full stadium, regardless of how bad the home team stinks.

The end result would look something like Estádio Municipal de Aveiro in Portugal, a stadium that looks full even when it's empty:

Now isn't that more cheerful?

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