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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Both Beauty and...Well, She Has Beauty

By now, you have probably seen the video of South Carolina's Lauren Caitlin Upton stumbling over a question in the interview portion of the Miss Teen USA pageant this past Friday. If you haven't, here it is:
I have to admit that I feel sorry for this girl. She will no doubt be the butt of jokes for at least a week -- or until Lindsay Lohan's next trip to rehab, whichever comes first.

It was indeed a sad sight, but nothing we haven't seen before. As columnist Antonia Zerbisias wrote in a recent article, "Beauty pageants have never been called brainy pageants." So true.

Allow me to offer a word of encouragement to Miss Upton: Cheer up. It's not as bad as you think. Sure, you failed to string together even one coherent thought and sounded as if you had no idea what you were talking about, but your performance demonstrates that you are, at the very least, qualified to be president of these United States.
Believe me: we "U.S. Americans" can relate to that.


Dawn Shelton said...

you are so mean!!

Chris Wilde said...

To quote Ralph Malph from "Happy Days", "I like the way her mind fills her sweater". Unfortunately, Mr. Bush doesn't have that sort of compensation to fall back on!

Craver Vii said...

I generally do not fear public speaking, but it would probably undo me to be under that kind of pressure.

It would be better for the pageants, if the judges picked one question from a previewed selection drawn from the interviewee's academic interests.

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