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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

America Is Doomed: National Anthem Skipped before Monday Night Football!

Yes, it's true. Since the Monday Night match-up between the Steelers and the Dolphins was already delayed because of weather, it was decided that the national anthem should be skipped. The horror!

Lord knows why this travesty was allowed to occur. Was it because the TV executives didn't want to cut into commercial time and risk not honoring the contracts they had with advertisers? Come on! How much more anti-American does it get than that?

The fans, God bless 'em, didn't react with childish booing or hissing. They just sat in their seats (or were walking to their seats from the parking lot, bathroom, or concession stand) and took the disappointment in stride.

But what is this country coming to when patriotic Americans cannot express their love for their country before sporting events as God intended? The fans who attended last night's game were simply trying to do their part in supporting the war on terror by getting on with their normal lives -- just as they were ordered to do by the president.

The liberal TV and NFL bureaucrats responsible for besmirching one of the most sacred of all American traditions need to be held accountable. If we don't do something to rectify the situation, the terrorists win.


Chris Wilde said...

This is a bad precedent for cheap minor league anthem singers like myself! If people figure out that sports can be played without the blessing of the SSB, where am I going to get my free general admission tickets?

Lee Shelton said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You'll always be an expensive major league anthem singer in our book!

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