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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Bush Who Saved Christmas

Our illustrious leader is going to solve all of our holiday travel woes:
    Thanksgiving is a week from today, and Christmas will quickly follow. This is really a time of joy for our families. Unfortunately, this is also a season of dread for too many Americans. Holiday travelers faced with the prospect of long delayed and cancelled flights and lost baggage, and other problems have become all too often an occurrence. In other words, there's a lot of people that are worried about traveling because they've had unpleasant experiences when they've been flying around the country.

    And so this is a topic that I've just discussed with Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters and the Acting Administrator of the FAA, Bobby Sturgell. It's one thing to analyze the problem, but the American people expect us to come up with some solutions.
Uh, we do? Look, all you Beltway bureaucrats, if you really want to "come up with some solutions," get creative and try something that's never been tried before: butt out and mind your own business.

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