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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached a new level of stupidity in this country. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
    [T]here appear to be a growing number of serious injuries that occur when people use their cell phones to send text messages while also doing something else, such as walking.

    The American College of Emergency Physicians went so far as to issue a warning recently about texting while walking, driving, in-line skating or engaging in some other activity.

    Bill Haselow, emergency physician at Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Ozaukee, said the risks are real. He treated two serious texting-while-walking injuries at the Mequon hospital in the past few months. Both teens suffered a broken nose after falling face first on a sidewalk.

    "I think they just get so focused on (texting) they don't see a little bump or a trip or a stumble, and down they go," Haselow said. "And they're not in a position to brace themselves."

    If you're over 25 or so, it might be hard to appreciate the popularity of exchanging word messages that you compose and read on the screen of your cell phone. But there's no doubt they have an appeal.
Yeah, I'm over 25, and, yeah, I really do find it hard to appreciate the popularity of typing messages to other people on cell phones!


Dawn S. said...

you are just smarter than everyone else, babe. you know that. oh, and I text you on your phone and oh, you text me back...

Lee Shelton said...

Not while I'm walking or driving! :)

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