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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No chip clip? No problem

Please help yourself to some old slices of Lemon Harangue Pie while I'm on vacation. Enjoy!

No chip clip? No problem
(originally posted 06/01/2007)

I love chips. Potato, corn, poker, I love all kinds. (Buffalo? Well, okay, maybe not all kinds.) And if there's anything I hate, it's stale chips. But I really don't like using those Chip Clips. They're expensive, hard to keep track of, and if I do happen to find one after digging through four or five disorganized kitchen drawers for 20 minutes, it's either too big or too small. There has to be a better way!

Thankfully, someone out there heard my cry for help.

This short instructional video will show you how to keep your chips fresh without having to use clips, tape, twisty ties, glue, or those expensive food sealers you see on Saturday morning infomercials:

Voila! It's that simple!

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