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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dog involved in deadly accident swims half-mile out to sea

A man was fishing from his kayak a half-mile from shore near Sarasota, Florida. Suddenly, a dog swam up, tired, bleeding, and scared. The man pulled the dog on board and paddled back to find the owner. Once ashore, the man contacted his sister who took the injured dog to a vet. An ID chip revealed the dog's name to be Barney.

But the video only shows the aftermath of the real story.

Moments earlier, Barney's owner, Donna Chen, was tragically struck and killed by a drunk driver while out for a walk. Barney was hit as well, and the terrified dog took off swimming toward the kayak.

The 22-year-old drunk driving suspect was treated for serious injuries at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. He is currently in jail with bail set at $100,000.

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aviation accident lawyer said...

This was very tragic indeed. Drunk people should never be given a chance to drive. I still admire the cleverness of the dog in the face of this accident.

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