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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Your favorite a cone

Think of your favorite food. Now think of your favorite food in a cone. That's the concept behind Crispycones, the original brainchild of New York-based chef and food designer Nir Adar. From the Crispycones web site:
Our motto is "The food you love in a cone" because our savory cones taste great when filled with any type of food, hot or cold, for breakfast, lunch or dinner and anytime in between. They're incredibly versatile, delicious with fillings from eggs to salads, pizza to deli, stir fry to carnitas, BBQ, stews and even dessert. Any food that's ever been eaten between two slices of bread, in a wrap or on top of pizza can now be enjoyed drip free, anywhere, anytime and on the go with Crispycones.
Just look at the possibilities...
The best thing about this cutting-edge culinary creation is that it will make driving safer. Now I'll be able to eat chili in the car without having to steer with my knees.


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