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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Firefox Rules!

I'm a huge fan of Firefox. (No, not the Clint Eastwood movie.) It's my Web browser of choice. In fact, the only time I use Internet Explorer is when I encounter a site that has not yet entered the 21st century. (Sure, I'm given the obligatory apology that their poorly designed site just can't handle Firefox, but it's still annoying.)

Many of you know what I'm talking about. It can be frustrating when you're cruising along the Information Superhighway and suddenly run into a "No motorized vehicles allowed" sign.

Don Beeler, writing for, has some tips on enhancing and protecting your computer with Firefox. Here are a few:
  • Download Firefox. [GET firefox HERE]. Do it NOW. Never use Internet Explorer (MS IE6 or IE7) again.

  • The following Firefox add-ons are critical to simplify your Internet browsing experience: Download "adblock" at ADBLOCK. You can clear out tons of junk off web pages. And while you're at it download the "adblock Filter update" from [GET IT HERE]. You can make ads and images on web pages disappear.

  • "Fasterfox" is a must. Get it: [GET IT HERE]. It will speed up your surfing.

  • For Windows XP, add "Keyscrambler." [GET IT HERE] This is a "must have".

  • "Flashblock" is perhaps the greatest add-on. It replaces flash animations with a button that you can choose to click. It cuts way down on the amount of Flash crap you have to wade through to view a site. Get it here: [PRESS HERE FOR Flashblock]
Be sure to read the full article, "Computer Tips and Privacy," here.

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Chris Wilde said...

Good tips! I finally switched to Firefox for good a few months ago. I had tried switching in the past, too, but went back to IE when I found, for some reason, that I was getting slower speeds with Firefox. But, with the latest versions, I'm finding that my speeds are at least equal, and I prefer Firefox's bookmark features. I have not been using these plugins, though. I will try them and see if my speed improves further. I, too, still have to keep IE around for certain occasions, but it's no longer on my quickstart bar.

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