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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Another snowstorm is on its way. From the Star-Tribune:
    Second scoop of snow coming -- maybe a foot! In case you missed last weekend's snowstorm, the tape's been rewound and is about to replay today through Friday. As much as a foot of snow is expected across much of Minnesota and west-central Wisconsin, with the brunt of it disrupting this afternoon's rush hour as well as both rush hours Thursday in the metro area. Warnings issued: The National Weather Service upgraded winter storm watches to warnings across much of the state and west-central Wisconsin on Tuesday afternoon. In the metro area, Minnesota highway department crews were beginning to spread de-icing materials on bridges, ramps and other ice-prone areas. Ease off cruise control: The State Patrol has warned drivers to be cautious and, in particular, not to use cruise control during icy and snowy conditions. Drifting snow expected: High winds out of the southeast today will shift to the northeast Thursday and are expected to cause significant snow drifting, said National Weather Service meteorologist Tony Zaleski. The drifting will be a particular problem for drivers traveling north and south, he said. But the snow will be heavy again thanks to temperatures around freezing. Reminiscent of 1982: Zaleski said the second storm following in the first storm's footprints has reminded some forecasters of the combination that hit the Twin Cities in January 1982. The 17.4 inches on Jan. 20 to 21 set a single-storm record for the Twin Cities, but it was broken later that week when 20 inches fell Jan. 22 to 23. They now rank as the second- and third-greatest single snowfalls behind the 1991 Halloween blizzard. The Twin Cities received an official 9.1 inches of snow Friday through Sunday, paltry compared to the depths in surrounding areas in the state. Hewitt, about 40 miles west of Brainerd, claimed 17 inches, suburban Andover, 14.3, and Winona, in southeastern Minnesota, 28 inches.
Hey, who's complaining? I just LOVE not having a snow blower!


Chris Wilde said...

Ay! I rrrememberrrr the snowstorrrrrm of '91. Three feet of snow on Halloweeeeeen!

Oops, sorry, I still had the "PIRATE LOCK" on on my keyboard.

It now looks like we may get no more than rain here, but suddenly the state of Iowa is going ape **** over the impending severe weather. They've issued a "Civil Danger Warning"! This three days after the original ice/snow storm that knocked power out across the state. What would we do without government to protect us from the weather?

Lee Shelton said...

I know what you mean. There were some schools up here letting parents know two or three days in advance that classes might be canceled. With all the commotion over every snowfall that comes along, you'd think we were one storm away from the complete collapse of civilization. Maybe they'll pass a severe weather ban or something.

Craver Vii said...

I'm in the Chicago area and I don't have a snow blower either. And I don't want one... can't stand the fumes and who needs another motor to repair at the most inopportune times. No, I'll be happy to die from a heart attack with shovel in hand. It is at least more noble than being smoked to death by a Toro.

Chris Wilde said...

I don't get Joe Soucheray on the radio anymore, now that I'm in Des Moines, but I am a subscriber to his cylinder-count theory of manly garages (mine's a 17). So, I like my big snowblower. I bought it when I had a long driveway in New Brighton, MN. Now it's often overkill for my short Iowa driveway, but it's still nice to have for the couple hundred feet of sidewalk I have to clear on my corner lot. I try not to beat my chest when it chug-chugs satisfyingly through the heavy snowplow moraine at the end of my least not when anybody's looking.


Lee Shelton said...

Craver, I have to admit that I'm pretty tempted to go for that snow blower now that we actually have a driveway.

Chris, you can hear Joe live online at You can even download past shows in MP3 format on the podcasts page.

Dawn S. said...

Hey babe, I know we don't have a snowblower, but at least we have a driveway! Plus, now we have a garage so we don't have to dig out our cars anymore! Think positively! :)

Craver Vii said...

So Chris, do they actually have to be parked inside the garage to go towards the total cylinder count or is it permissible to add the cylinders in the driveway? I think my garage is an eleven or twelve.

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