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Monday, April 07, 2008

How I Overcame Globophobia

I won't go into gory detail about how I got globophobia (see my comment in Lee's last post, then watch "Corner Gas"), but I overcame it with this wonderful program. Who knew there was a special program out there for treating something so obscure as globophobia (fear of balloons)?

But, then I also found a special program for treating my nephophobia (fear of clouds)

and my pagophobia (fear of ice)

and my theologicophobia (fear of theology)

and my alliumphobia (fear of garlic)

Wow, the helpful things you can find on the internet! Now, I just have to pay off the $735 I charged to my credit card.


Lee Shelton said...

Thanks, Chris. I didn't have pagophobia until I read this and found out it existed. Now what am I going to do? I live in Minnesota for Pete's sake! But I guess if this program can help people in the frigid, frosty nation of Puerto Rico overcome pagophobia, then maybe there's hope for me.

Dawn S. said...

I don't even knowgophobia what to saygophobia

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