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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury... a woman with too much freakin' time on her hands.

I mean, come on:
    In the battle of the sexes, women's magazine editor Cynthia Good said this was a skirmish she had to fight.

    Across Atlanta they stood, orange signs with black letters that read "Men At Work" or "Men Working Ahead."

    Sometimes, the signs stood next to women working alongside the men.

    Good demanded Atlanta officials remove the signs and last week, Atlanta Public Works Commissioner Joe Basista agreed.

    Score one for gender equality, Good said Wednesday.

    "They get it," Good said about the city in a telephone interview.

    Public Works officials are replacing 50 "Men Working" with signs that say "Workers Ahead." It will cost $22 to cover over some of the old signs and $144 to buy new signs, said Public Works spokeswoman Valerie Bell-Smith said.

    Good, founding editor of Atlanta-based PINK Magazine, a publication that focuses on professional women, said she's not stopping with Atlanta.
She must not come from a land down under. Where women glow and men plunder. She can't hear, she can't hear the thunder. She better run, she better take cover.

(What, you're not up on your Australian reggae-influenced rock bands?)

1 comment:

Chris Wilde said...

Well, we'll just see how she feels when those signs are take down, and she falls into an open person hole!

Hmmm, I'm hungry for a Vegamite sandwich.

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