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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who's the Leader of the Church That's Made for You and Me?

The Pope was presented with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears last week. It was a gift from an Orange County, CA delegation to the Pope's "World Youth Day" event in Sydney, Australia.

Read full story here.

They say he didn't put them on, but just smiled. Ah, but that's just reported by people who were in the room at the time. I have my sources. Turns out he secretly stopped by a local "Glamour Shots" a few hours later just to have this photo taken. Don't ask me how I got a copy, or I might have to kill you.

Sources say he was singing to himself under his breath:

"B-E-N, E-D-I, C-T-X-V-I
Benedict... Benedict...
Forever let us hold our mitre high (high, high, high!)..."

Sing along if you know it! Bonus points if you can chant it in Latin, Mode VIII, with the appropriate "Glory Be" sequence at the end.

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