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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rabbinical Walkout

I'm struggling with how to add to this Des Moines Register article:

Postville, Ia. — About 50 rabbis in charge of supervising the kosher slaughter and processing of meat at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville walked off the job today to protest recent pay cuts.

The rabbis reportedly took the action because of a decrease in pay since a May 12 immigration raid, the largest in U.S. history at a single site. The plant has since drastically reduced production.

Agriprocessors spokesman Menachem Lubinsky downplayed the incident, saying the walk-off lasted only 30 minutes after management resolved the issue. But Lubinsky says the issue of decreased pay, as well as increased time between work performed and payment, has been an issue for the rabbis since the raid.

“The rabbis were complaining that they didn’t have as much time for overtime and additional shifts,” Lubinsky said.

As mentioned above, this same plant was the target of a major illegal immigration raid back in May. I had no idea it took 50 rabbis to supervise a kosher meat plant! Perhaps they feel their jobs are being threatened by the flood of low-wage Mexican rabbis coming across the border.


Lee Shelton said...

Their ancestors wandered the desert for 40 years, and these guys couldn't walk a picket line for 40 minutes?

Anonymous said...

HA! I love the sign too.
Clever meshugenah.

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