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Friday, September 16, 2011

Common household items you can eat to stay alive

When the dollar collapses and food riots erupt across America, or when some military bio-weapons research facility unleashes the virus that ushers in the zombie apocalypse, chances are you'll be caught off-guard, too frightened to leave your home. The mac and cheese and Twinkies are bound to run out sooner or later, but you can still stave off starvation using common items lying around your house. Here are a few of the more edible options according to
  • Pet food - As if that wasn't obvious.
  • Food waste - Apple cores, potato skins, and whatever else you can find in the garbage.
  • Leather - Deep-frying is recommended. (Duh.)
  • Oven grease - Tastes almost as good as it sounds.
Click here for more mouth-watering ideas...if you have the stomach.

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