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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ok, HEART ATTACK!! I walked into the living room, my black dog, Abby, walking slightly ahead of me. I was going to let her outside while I was talking to my boss on the phone. All of a sudden, Abby tears toward the front door, and tosses a gray SQUIRREL up into the air. I scream and apparently the phone cut off, but I don't realize it, so I am explaining what is going on to no one. As I ask myself, out loud of course, how a squirrel got in the house, I glance at the fireplace - the glass door is wide open.

Mr. Squirrel is now on the front bench, under a light blanket, hiding from the dog. I realize that he is already kind of trapped so I act fast! I got the biggest pot we have, and go on the prowl for something thin enough but hard enough to put under the pot, blanket and squirrel. I am going to trap him like a bug in a jar. So I slide a folder under him, and take him outside as quickly as I can! I lift the pot and he flies up the nearest tree. We are both still shaking! My poor boss finally gets the word that it is just a squirrel. He heard two screams and the phone went dead. He thought someone broke into my house and was attacking me!

So there is a little blood on the wall and on the front bench, but Mr. Squirrel seems ok. Thankfully, of all the places he could have gone, at least he went close to the front door! I had images of chasing after him all day! WHEW!! Back to work...

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Chris Wilde said...

Oh no! Don't tell me you've moved into one of those SQUIRREL neighborhoods! They're a bad lot. Check out their dark side here and here!

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