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Friday, November 21, 2008

Papal Bull

Some people believe that over 20 years ago the pope predicted the current economic collapse. From Bloomberg:
    Pope Benedict XVI was the first to predict the crisis in the global financial system, a "prophecy" dating to a paper he wrote when he was a cardinal, Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti said.

    "The prediction that an undisciplined economy would collapse by its own rules can be found" in an article written by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became pope in April 2005, Tremonti said yesterday at Milan's Cattolica University.

    German-born Ratzinger in 1985 presented a paper entitled "Market Economy and Ethics" at a Rome event dedicated to the Church and the economy. The future pope said a decline in ethics "can actually cause the laws of the market to collapse."
I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but that's about as specific and relevant as any fortune cookie.

1 comment:

Chris Wilde said...

I might have appreciated his prophetic abilities more if he'd advised us to just cash out our 401k's and eat the tax penalty a year ago.

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