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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cyclical Non-Uterine Dysmenorrhea

Countless men throughout history have suffered from this debilitating condition. What is it? A new documentary seeks to enlighten the public:

    Part I: The Bowels of History

    Part II: The Warriors

    Part III: The Artist Formerly Known As Cramps

    Part IV: Writer's Cramps

    Part V: Pursuit of Happiness

    Part VI: The Napoleanic Era

    Part VII: The Last Part
This documentary was long overdue. Hopefully, men who suffer from cyclical non-uterine dysmenorrhea will finally gain some sympathy and understanding.

Thanks to the efforts of brave, pioneering scientists like Dr. Gerhardt Fardel, we will one day find a cure:
For more information, check out these resources:

1 comment:

Dawn S. said...

Yes, indeed a fork in this slice. You men have NOOOOO idea. And what's more, you guys would be crying like babies if you experienced dysmenorrhea for even five minutes.

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