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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Digital Clocks

Ah...daylight/standard time changes. Don't you love wandering around the house looking for all the clocks? My beef is digital clocks. No one of them is set in the same way! Here's the household devices with digital clocks I set this afternoon:

Oh, and not to forget the clock in the camera I used to take all these snapshots:

Not pictured above are all the analog clocks and the automatic digital clocks! Thankfully, our VCR, satellite boxes, cell phones, and computers all set themselves now (usually). Still, I probably spend a cumulative half hour just figuring out the procedure for setting each different digital clock. I can never remember each one's individual quirks from six months ago. And I'm supposed to have a knack for this kind of thing! I think we need a consumer electronics standard that forces all digital clocks to have the same set of buttons and standard operating procedure.

Now I get to look forward to repeating this at work tomorrow morning: correcting all the problems caused by system clocks that didn't reset, or did so improperly.

Oh, and while I'm dispensing advice...replace the batteries in your smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms! That's the best way to remember to stay on top of those...just do it every time you change your clocks. The TV station I work at covers too many sad stories every winter about fatalities caused by a lack of working smoke and CO alarms! Ummm...OK...I need to log off now and run to the store for 9v batteries.

1 comment:

Lee Shelton said...

Makes you long for the days of sundials, huh?

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