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Thursday, October 12, 2006

That's Entertainment!

Entertainers love going to great lengths to promote their work. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
    On with the Show

    Dog night may be a wry way to promote a show, but it certainly isn't unprecedented in the history of Hennepin show business. According to the book, Show Houses: Twin Cities Style by Kirk J. Besse (Victoria Publications, 1995):

    • In 1933, a man dressed as a toreador led a cow through downtown, milking her at street corners to promote the film "The Kid From Spain." Man and cow were arrested when they took the act into the Radisson Hotel lobby.

    • A 1940 promotion featuring (Stan) Laurel and (Oliver) Hardy, below, went awry when a pet monkey that was to be given away escaped and hid for three days in the Orpheum's rafters.

    • If there was ever doubt that audiences want something phony, a 1966 stunt man tried to sell dollar bills for 75 cents on a Hennepin corner to promote a film. Only when he told skeptical passersby that the dollars were phony did he get any business.
It's comforting to know that people are no more crazy now than they were back then.

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