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Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's 10:30 am--Do You Know Who Took Your Child to Work Today?

It started out as Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Then, when people realized that little boys should also see firsthand how oppressed Mommy was in a male-dominated workplace, and how she struggled desperately to break through the proverbial glass ceiling, we started calling it Take Your Child to Work Day. But that, of course, conjured up horrifying images of balanced, two-parent families that the Enlightened Ones who started this ritual in the first place were trying to erase from the social consciousness.

Now, we simply call it Take a Child to Work Day. I guess when you're main concern is to mold and shape the younger generation into cogs for the corporate machine so that you can live off their tax dollars when you're sipping dinner through a straw, any child will do. The important thing is that they learn their place early on in life.

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Chris Wilde said...

My daughter is bored to death by my workplace, and has no desire to visit it whatsoever. Smart girl!

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