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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Man stranded in the desert converts his car into a motorcycle and drives to safety

Before Tony Stark built his prototype Iron Man suit in an Afghan terrorist camp, Emile Leray had his own MacGyver moment in the desert.

The French electrician was driving through the Moroccan desert in 1993 when his Citreon broke down 20 miles from the nearest village. He didn't think he could make it on foot, so he did what any enterprising 43-year-old man would do: he decided to build a crude motorcycle out of parts from his car.

Using a hacksaw and a small assortment of other tools, Leray went to work. He shortened the car's chassis, reattached the axles and two of the tires, placed the engine and gearbox in the middle, and fashioned part of the rear bumper into a seat. 12 days later, he drove himself to civilization.

Read the full story here.

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