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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Rebuilding Detroit...with zombies?

Detroit is a dying city. People are leaving in droves. Entire neighborhoods have been completely abandoned, evoking images of Chernobyl or scenes from some post-apocalyptic film. Government officials have pretty much run out of ideas about how to revitalize the city and have asked the public for help.

One group has come up with a rather unique proposal. The project is entitled Z World Detroit, a "zombie themed experience park":
Imagine that you're living through the zombie apocalypse. You and your group are looking for sanctuary in an abandoned urban landscape. You are out of ammo so you are relying on your smarts to survive. As you start to adjust to your new surroundings, your relative calm is broken by a pack of zombies.

People panic and start to run. Some in your group aren't fast enough and fall to the zombies. Soon they will also be zombies. Where do you go? The odds say make a run for it and you listen. Your group runs down the street and hides in an old warehouse. Is it safe in here? Will the growing zombie horde pass without noticing you? What about your supplies? What about the friend that was lost in the chaos? How long will you survive? Will you make it through the night?

This sounds like an interesting video game, but where is the real thrill in a video game? Suppose this was real. Suppose you were in this with your friends. Suppose you were really running and hiding. Now that would be interesting.

As far as urban renewal plans go, this really isn't that bad. It's certainly better than anything some city planning commission would come up with.

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