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Monday, October 23, 2006

Pampered Pets

Now this is going too far, don't you think?:
    It's the ultimate fashion accessory for people who "love their dogs a bit too much."

    Imported from the United States, these colourful and stylish "doggie bags" enable devoted dog owners to carry their puppies and little pooches wherever they go.

    Designed to be "lightweight" with an adjustable strap, the "PuppyPurse" is exactly as it sounds. Carry it by the handles or fling the straps around your shoulder or even waist, it enables the dog lover to go out and about with a little furry friend friend literally by their side.

    The straps can also be adjusted so they can be used like a normal lead.

    The idea is unlikely to appeal to traditionalists who believe dogs should be walked not carried, but in today's consumer society pet accessories have become big business.

    The doggie-bags were designed after American creators Hedy Grant and Suzanne Sherman noticed how many people were carrying their dogs inside handbags in the heat of Summer and decided there was a gap in the market for a more suitable and stylish carrier.
You know, if you're going to go through all that trouble, why not just actually make a purse out of your puppy? Think about it. It would be very practical to have the extra storage space. It would be stylish and hip. It would be soft and cuddly. It would last much longer than a live dog. On top of that, there would never be any messy clean-up.

1 comment:

Chris Wilde said...

Good idea. Better than having a taxidermist stuff your pet after they die.

Of course, ours would be a duffle bag.

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