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Monday, August 15, 2011

14 household uses for beer

Hometalk writer Cris Carl gives us 14 "earth-friendly" household uses for beer. Among them:
  • Get rid of mice: If you don't have a cat, a small amount of beer placed in a pail will help take care of a mouse problem, especially if you prefer to capture mice in a humane fashion. Just put an inch or so of beer in the pail, place some type of ramp, such as a piece of wood for the mice to crawl up. The mice fall into the pail and then you can remove your inebriated mice to some place outside.

  • Fertilize your gardens: The sugars in beer are also enjoyed by your garden vegetables and flowers.

  • Spruce up wooden furniture: Rub flat beer gently onto furniture using a soft cloth. The beer will help restore some of the polish and color.

  • Insulation: Lastly, for the truly adventurous and creative, if you use full, unopened cans of beer in construction of walls, the beer absorbs the cold and won't freeze in temperate climates (due to the alcohol content).
  • Now I'm sure that last one probably wouldn't be up to code in most areas, but if you do decide to try it, I won't tell.

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