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Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Allen Telescope Array, a vast network of antennas located about 300 miles from San Francisco, has been sitting unused since funding dried up in April of this year. It is the hope of many in the scientific community that the ATA will be back up and running thanks to donations from people who would like to see the search for extraterrestrial intelligence continue.

The SETIStars funding program that began in June has already taken in over $200,000 and has attracted some high-profile names. Jodie Foster, who played SETI scientist Dr. Ellie Arroway in the 1997 film Contact, has already contributed. Also on board is Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, who wrote on his SETIStar page, "It is absolutely irresponsible of the human race not to be searching for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence."

As long as it's private time and money being wasted I have no problem with SETI. But why anyone expects to find intelligent life among the stars when we have yet to find it here on earth is beyond me.

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